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Marlon Stockinger is in Barcelona Spain...plus some Formula BMW facts and information...

© Gunther Deichmann - Sunset in Barcelona Spain

Marlon Stockinger is in Barcelona Spain right now, we have more information and photos shortly...in the meantime here are some facts about the FORMULA BMW but you can also visit his website for all the latest images and information @ http://www.marlonstockinger.com/


Proven Entry-Level Formula.

Exciting races, first-class promotion, talented competitors: since its inception Formula BMW has established itself as the world’s premier entry level single-seater formula. There are numerous reasons for the concept’s success:

Equal Opportunity: Stable and internationally accepted sporting and technical regulations are a cornerstone of Formula BMW.

International Reach:
Series in America, Europe and in the Pacific Rim ensure Formula BMW retains its status as the universal starter formula.

Maximum Value:
Multiple races per event and a test ban outside the official test days during the season guarantee quantifiable budgets and maximum race experience.

Education and Coaching:
A dedicated programme prepares drivers fore their future careers through a wide range of on- and off- the track subjects.

Formula BMW Juniors:
The Rookie Cup winner from the previous season plus three further recipients stand to participate in this exclusive scholarship.

Prominent Role Models:
During 2007 no less than six former Formula BMW drivers – Sebastian Vettel, Timo Glock, Nico Rosberg, Adrian Sutil, Ralf Schumacher und Christian Klien – actively participated in Formula One.

© Tom Stockinger - Marlon been interviewed after his successful race
recently in Sepang Malaysia, for more info, press release & photos
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Superb Support.

Driver talent remains the biggest single contributor to success. Accordingly, the promotion of young talent has long been a BMW tradition. The
BMW Education and Coaching Program is designed to smooth the transition from karting to single-seater racing.

Support: The four most promising talents each stand to receive a Formula BMW Junior support package worth Euro 50 000.

Exemplary Coaching: Professional race drivers provide personalized coaching on ideal lines and optimal set-ups.

Fit for All:
Before during and after the season all drivers receive fitness schedules and sport nutrition programs.

Media Professionals: Seminars on sponsors and Media Relations seminars keep Formula BMW drivers up to speed with the latest techniques.

One for All.
All Formula BMW drivers are equipped with the Formula BMW FB02 incorporating numerous safety features. This 10 bhp race car, where advantage can only be gained by selection of the correct aerodynamic and suspension settings, is standard across the board.

First Class Safety: The carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, wheel retention tethers, special head restraint and HANS system all draw on F1 technology

Powerful Heart: With its low centre of gravity and high-revving nature, the reliable and cost-effective 1.2 liter engine provides the optimal power unit.

Ultra-sensitive: Defined parameters guarantee a level playing field whilst rewarding fine tuning and perfect set-up.

Cost-effective: The basic price of the vehicle is subsidized by BMW Motorsport in order to further support the series’ entry level concept.

Moving up to the next level.

The regions most competitive entry-level-series acknowledges the international diversity of teams and drivers in and beyond Asia, by renaming the series to
Formula BMW Pacific. Entry is open to drivers aged 15 and up. The best newcomer will be crowned Rookie Cup Champion, and qualify for Formula BMW Junior status in the next season.

Effective testing: A test ban outside the official test days ensures equality of competition. Considerable cost savings can be achieved by incorporating official test days into race weekends.
Centralized logistics: The entire equipments is consolidated and shipped into 40” high cube containers, to assure international sporting and economical equality.
Premium Hospitality: The Formula BMW hospitality is in line with the first-class Formula One environment. The Formula BMW Pacific guests will be given a privileged look behind the scenes of Formula BMW and Formula One.
Increased level of international competition: 2008 is Formula BMW’s sixth year in Asian-Pacific region since its establishment in 2003. A grid of 20 drivers and an increasing number of teams from Asia-Pacific and Europe are expected to lined up for the 2008 Championship.

Race Calendar 2008.

Prestigious Asian race events and high profile Formula 1 events,
such as the inaugural F1 Grand Prix in Singapore, and the unique F1 Grand Prix of Japan at Mount Fuji, form the Formula BMW Pacific race calendar.

Formula One in Focus.

All drivers competing in Formula BMW have set themselves the highest possible target: Formula One . Through the relationship between Formula BMW and the world’s top motorsport category, teams and drivers alike stand to profit by competing in the most successful of all entry-level series.

Top Class: Formula BMW Pacific will start on the supporting bills of several rounds of the FIA Formula One World Championship.
Worldwide Focus: Drivers will perform in front of the world’s largest motorsport audiences, the most influential professionals and hundreds of international media representatives.
Excursion to F1: In depth discussion with experts from BMW Sauber F1 Team, F1 paddock visits and a visit to the BMW Sauber AG factory in Switzerland are just a few of the activities on the curriculum.
Attractive: Television marketing via Formula One Management promises teams and drivers a multi-faceted TV distribution platform.