Worst Snowfall in Britain since 20 years - but Marlon Stockinger is testing...!

We have just received the latest from Marlon Stockinger in Great Britain!

Worst Snowfall in Britain since 20 years - but Marlon Stockinger is testing...!

We literally arrived with the last plane flying into London’s Heathrow airport last February 1. After that everything stopped working: Airports, trains, Highways and even the famous London tube.

Rugged up, but a relaxed Marlon & now
dealing with Ice and Snow...

But not us: After a day or so we started testing at famous Olton Park circuit. It was just a matter of clearing away the snow and waiting for the ice to melt away at around 10 am before hitting the track.
February and March have a heavy testing schedule on all the tracks of the UK Renault Championship. The tracks are older, narrower and more challenging than most of the European and Asian circuits I know. You make a small mistake and you end up in the wall destroying the car as many of my competitors, team mates and myself experienced last week in a very fast and tricky circuit called Thruxton. All testing generally went very well and I am among the fastest, specially in the wet which is good because it rains a lot in England! If you had fast times on the track, every body knows right away in Silverstone: Your landlady, the bartender in the pub (only lemonade, please!) or the waiter in the restaurant…it’s incredible, everything revolves around racing here.

Snow on the side of the track...

I am currently living in Silverstone near the famous track in a Bed & Breakfast together with other racers and my Hungarian team mate Tamas Pal Kiss.
The season starts with the first race in famous Brands Hatch on April 4/5 (my Birthday!) I am delighted to participate in a series that has produced such great champions like Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

Action in cold weather...

If time permits I will study between races at CATS College in Cambridge, the same college that Lewis Hamilton went to. Uhhh…that’s the hard part!
And of course…I will try to visit the Philippines!”